WebGL2Fundamentals API Docs

These docs are an attempt to help explain some of the helper function
used in the articles on webgl2fundamentals.org.

The main ones are in webgl-utils.js and basically include
just 2 commonly used functions. One is webglUtils.createProgramsFromScripts. How it works
is described here. The other common function is
webglUtils.resizeCanvasToDisplaySize which is described in this lesson.

There's also another library in a few examples called TWGL. You can find that library and its documentation

If you're using WebGL to do 2D or 3D you'll likely need many math helper functions
in JavaScript as well.

Functions for 2D math are here.

Functions for 3D math are here.

JSDoc3 Plea

These docs are generated with JSDoc3. I find them very confusing to look at
and in some places frustratingly verbose. If you have any experience with JSDoc3 and know how to
make the docs more approachable and useful please submit a pull request
or file an issue with details.