Beautiful Twos

Twos are beautiful. You can have an entire planet of them, for instance.

How cool is that? (A bit confusing, honestly. I have always felt as though twos had a tendency to be a little too cool and overly realistic. Like an endless collection of super-realistic robots… But I guess it is part of what makes them so interesting.)

So maybe there's a limit to what the human imagination can do for me.

That can't hurt.

Well then… let's break it down.


I know a lot of you are saying: You can't, because you will get stuck with something that's "too realistic." Well, I have a very real suggestion: Just don't be that dude. In fact, let's be very specific: If you have to do something, let the actual thing change. If it's a little weird to have a space ship, or a spaceship you have to fly, or … well, you probably already are.

Forget about all of the sci-fi stuff. Space. No sense hiding that from me.

The space in my own home was never real-world. It was never something that a person might have done. It was something that only seemed plausible to me. There was only one "space craft," and if you could figure

Twos are beautiful. Don't underestimate a nice stack of twos.

If you decide to stack more than one two, don't forget to use a stack of twos as a guide to follow to make a tight fit. If a bunch of twos are stacked too close together, the edges will stick out which will make for a tight fit!

Once again, if you decide you don't want to stack your boxes you can place another stack of twos along the edge.

And you are done! The process is super simple and simple it's the easy stuff to set up.

But what if you don't like the size of the boxes?

You see, in the old days, a box was a solid block of wood, plastic or ceramic with an outer layer of cardboard.

In the 1990s, wood became the new material and in this method, the cardboard and wood are joined together so that they can both become a floor.

But some people don't like to use just the plastic/carpet layer. And with those people, these twos are more likely to get wet.

So how does this stack?

From: Talk to Transformer